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My name is Marita, but in my heart, I call myself a sinner. Not just any kind, I’m the kind that would go to church on Sunday and cusses you out on Monday. I’m the kind that wishes the evilest and vile things on the members of my own family while reading the bible. You all know this type of sinner. The kind that wallows knowingly in sin and thinks going to Mass will cure it all.

Right now, I’m not even in the praying mood, my life is in a mess. The company I work for closed and workers were sent home, including me. I’m deep in debt living at my mother’s, trying not to lose my mind and wondering how I’m going to pay bills next month. ​Well, I’m tired of that! Tired of surviving and not thriving! Tired of not knowing what my purpose was. I was going nowhere in my life, relationships or career and I wanted to change. I needed to change! And not just change on the outside but cleanse my mind, body, and soul. The purpose of this site is to document my journey to redemption. Its setbacks and hopefully my blessings while sharing what I’ve learned along the way. 

To community to bring light to the world

Spiritual Lights

I may not be in the best mood 99% of any given day to seek God but God decided in the midst of all the chaos of my life it was time for me to begin my turnaround. So, I followed the signs and started the site.  Check out the testimonial of my life and let me hear your testimonials (they can be anonymous) and comments. Let them give me strength so that I may continue to serve His divine purpose.

Thank you for joinging me on my journey to Redemption!

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